FTP Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture (7200MG 60ML)

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FTP Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture (7200MG CBD 60ML)

Organic CBD raw extract blended with organic coconut-derived MCT oil. Raw, organic fruit/plant terpene extracts only. No PG/VG or artificial chemicals whatsoever.

Not all Full-spectrum CBD is created equal. CBD is DARK when extracted from the hemp plant. It takes a lot of refining to make the oil GOLDEN and PRETTY like other companies. Thus cannabinoids, nutrients, and terpenes are LOST at EVERY STAGE of the refining process.

DARK, Unrefined, full-spectrum CBD contains the MOST cannabinoids,  the MOST terpenes, and the MOST plant nutrients over any GOLDEN REFINED oil.


Ingredients: 100% UNREFINED, non-GMO, decarboxylated, cannabinoid-rich, hemp-legal aerial cannabis extract. Full-spectrum cannabinoid profile, natural terpenoids, vitamin E, omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids, natural hemp chlorophyll, and other natural phytonutrients.

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There are clinical trials proving the effects of CBD on the following: chronic pain, to reduce pain, as an anti-inflammatory, neuropathic pain, psychoactive effects, multiple sclerosis, Dravet syndrome, all with no side effects.

CBD is the counterpart to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It can be both cannabis-derived, as well as hemp-derived. Cannabis-derived is of the marijuana plant species, hemp-derived is of the hemp planet species. The difference, hemp-derived has no psychoactive effect. Thus, cannabidiol allows people to go about their day with any psychoactive feeling associated with marijuana or medical marijuana.

Food and drug administration is yet to approve any Medicinal claims. Although the Federal government has passed the Hemp bill for the entire United States.

Breathe Vape Lounge is home to the best cannabidiol CBD products in Michigan. As well as the highest-grade CBD products in Michigan.

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Raw Flavor:

Lemon, Natural, Orange, Peppermint